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Discover a diverse selection of products featuring the numeric code 1312, including t-shirts, socks, hoodies, flip-flops, posters, and stickers. You can find 1312 merchandise from brands such as Mob Action, No Borders, and Sixblox at our shop, both online and offline.

Additionally, we offer various products adorned with the acronym ACAB.

The numeric code 1312 serves as an abbreviation for ACAB, which stands for "All cops are bastards." However, it is worth noting that these codes are also used as a shorthand for the phrase "All colours are beautiful."

No friend, no helper

There are numerous reasons to criticize and express disdain for the police force, leading people to spray-paint 1312 on walls or wear it on shirts. These reasons range from instances like NSU 2.0, racial profiling, crackdowns on demonstrations, the deportation of refugees, institutional discrimination by law enforcement agencies, to the killing of prisoners while in police custody. The state's authority upholds the status quo, defends capital, and supports the existing system with all its associated negative consequences, such as discrimination, exploitation, and the destruction of the planet. For us, this justifies spreading the message of 1312 or ACAB to the world.

1312: Meaningful polemics.

We understand that the slogan behind ACAB or 1312 carries a certain level of polemic. 1312 or ACAB does not imply that every individual working as a police officer is inherently cruel or solely responsible for objectionable police actions. Rather, it signifies the necessary criticism of the institution of the police. The concise and polarizing nature of the ACAB acronym or the numeric code 1312 helps draw attention and create awareness.

1312 and ACAB: Clothing and Merchandise at No Borders

You can find items featuring the ACAB and 1312 labels every week from Monday to Saturday, between 12:00 PM and 6:30 PM, at our physical store located at Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 8, 04277 Leipzig – Connewitz.

1312 and ACAB: Ethical, Organic, and Sustainable Products.

We strive to maintain high standards regarding fair working conditions, compensation, and sustainability in the production of our merchandise. The majority of our products carry certifications such as "Fair Wear Foundation," "Fair Trade," or "GOTS." For each product, you can find detailed descriptions outlining the certified production standards. We continuously work towards further improvements with great dedication.

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