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100 Million people displaced

The number of people currently displaced worldwide is at an all-time high. As of February 2022, it is more than 100 million.

There must be good reasons for people to leave their homes and embark on dangerous and uncertain journeys. Whether caused by war and violence, persecution and discrimination, poverty and lack of opportunities, environmental destruction and climate change, or resource exploitation and land grabs, these factors are often interconnected. They are almost always linked to the increasing global inequality between the rich and poor.

Seclusion and exclusion

Despite these global causes that drive people to flee, privileged countries are shutting their doors. Frontex, the border agency commissioned by the EU, is frequently involved in push-back actions. Illegal push-backs take place at all relevant EU external borders. Italy and Malta are involved in both push and pull-backs.

As it is almost impossible for refugees to legally flee, enter, or immigrate to the EU, crossing state borders is only possible "illegally," often with deadly consequences. Those who remain despite no longer being allowed, permitted, or tolerated are deemed "illegal." The remaining options for entering and staying are systematically reduced. This forces an increasing number of people into illegality. No one is illegal!

Living in fear and without rights

Living in a state of disenfranchisement, insecurity, or illegal status means constant fear of denunciation and extortion, as discovery can result in punishment or deportation. It means being unprotected and powerless against authorities, employers, and landlords, as well as in the case of illnesses, accidents, or assaults. It also means having to fear social contacts. Children cannot attend school or kindergarten, and teenagers cannot start training. It means being constantly on guard.

Leave No One Behind

In the fight against racism, it is increasingly important to politically and practically support migrants in their struggles against illegalization and for their right to have rights. Therefore, we call for support for migrants in their entry or continued travel. We call for providing migrants with work and documents. We call for ensuring migrants' access to medical care, education, housing, and material survival.

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