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At our store, you can find a wide selection of products featuring the logo of the Antifascist Action. We also offer many items adorned with the abbreviations for Antifascist Action - AFA and 161. From t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and socks to posters, stickers, buttons, flags, and even gift wrapping paper, we have a lot to help you proudly display the flag of antifascism to the world.

To provide a wide range of content, we also offer products from No Borders, Mob Action, and Kein Bock auf Nazis.

Antifa is not a gang or youth culture but rather an abbreviation for antifascism. The term Antifa serves as a collective name for various looser and more solid associations, projects, and movements that use various forms of action to combat fascism. The spectrum ranges from civil society to militant groups. These groups are usually organized autonomously and with low hierarchy.

Fight Nazis - Fight Fascism

The urgent need to fight against Nazis and fascism continues to be evident. Everyday racism, transphobia, NSU, the murder of Walther Lübcke, and the Hanau shooting are just a few keywords that document the ongoing danger of right-wing violence and fascist ideology. Make yourselves strong against Nazis and get involved - join the Antifa!

The Antifa logos commonly used today have their origin in the emblem of the Antifascist Action of 1932. This showed two red flags, representing communism and socialism. In the 1970s, the group "Art and Struggle" modified the historical logo, depicting a black flag (for anarchism) and a red flag (for socialism).

The flag(s) of the Antifascist Action is carried by various groups all over the globe. However, their political beliefs, goals, and forms of action and organization differ considerably. At least, what they have in common is the struggle against Nazism, fascism, racism, ethnic nationalism, and historical revisionism.

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You can get articles with the Antifa logo every week from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 noon to 6:30 pm in the analog world in our store located at Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 8, 04277 Leipzig-Connewitz.

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We strive to meet high standards regarding fair working conditions, compensation, and sustainability in the production of our articles. A large portion of our products is certified with either the "Fair Wear Foundation," "Fair Trade," or "GOTS" seal. In the descriptions of each article, you will find the certified production standards for the respective product. We are working hard on further improvements.

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