Balaclava and Hassis

Here you will find a large selection of balaclavas. Also known as Hassis or motorcycle masks, these head coverings are ideal for any bank robbery, cold winters, demos and actions.

Balaclavas in different colors

Not least because the wishes and requirements for balaclavas vary greatly, we offer a wide range of masking fashion for the head. You can get the balaclava of your choice from us in various colors such as black, red, purple, white and even green. We also have rainbow balaclavas in our range. The material of the different balaclavas varies. Some balaclavas are made from 100% cotton or acrylic, for example, or from mixed fabrics.

Balaclavas - from 1-hole to 2-hole to 3-hole

The vast majority of balaclavas on offer are stretchable and can therefore be adapted to different head shapes. However, as not all balaclavas are the same, we have a range of 1-hole, 2-hole and 3-hole Hassi balaclavas. It's up to you to decide what best suits your desired use.

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