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FCK AFD - Shirts, hoodies, and more are now available online at No Borders.

At our store, you will find a wide range of FCK AFD products and items that promote progressive, anti-fascist, and emancipatory values. We offer everything from T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, posters, stickers, and buttons to show our disapproval of the right-wing populists of the Alternative for Germany.

To ensure a broad range of content, we also feature No Borders, Mob Action, and Kein Bock auf Nazis.

Alternative for Germany - Nazis in Suits

Since 2013, the right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany (AFD) has existed. They prefer to dress up in suits and ties while propagating an extremely right-wing ideology. The AFD stands for nationalism, racism, a misogynistic worldview, neoliberal economic policies, social exclusion, an outdated view of the family, and it speaks against LGBTQ*, gender movement, refugees, Muslims, left-wing politics, and climate protection. The party is also dangerous because it serves as the parliamentary arm of the neo-fascist scene and new-right movements and channels money into corresponding structures. Within their ranks, there are racists, sexists, anti-Semites, and fascists. Figures such as Björn Höcke and Beatrix von Storch exemplify this.

Stand Firm Against Nazis and Right-Wing Populists

It is apparent that the AFD is not a "normal" political party, but unfortunately, it must be emphasized repeatedly. Do not allow the ideas promoted by this party and its kindred spirits to go unchallenged. Take a clear stand against the AFD and fight against racism, sexism, social exclusion, anti-Semitism, discrimination, and for a just world and a respectful and supportive community.

FCK AFD - Clothing in our store

You can also get FCK AFD merchandise every week from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in our physical store located at Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 8, 04277 Leipzig - Connewitz.

FCK AFD - Products are fair, organic and sustainable

We strive to meet high standards in terms of fair working conditions, wages, and sustainability during the production of our products. Most of the FCK AFD products are certified with the "Fair Wear Foundation," "Fair Trade," or "GOTS" seal. In the descriptions of each item, you can find the certified production standards for the corresponding product. We are working hard to make further improvements.

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